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The primary concern was lack of an integrated picture of the digital portfolio’s composition and overall delivery plan.  It had also become increasingly difficult to provide executive leadership and senior business managers with a readily consumable roadmap of all initiatives, their touchpoints, and their respective progress status.

A key factor that impacts project success is stakeholder buy-in. Unless project managers win support from people across all levels within the project's organisation, the project may fail to have the desired result. Building personal connections with individuals and groups means that they are more likely to share their perspectives when the project is developing and executing plans.

A large finance sector organisation had embarked on a major and complex project for their lending platform requiring skilled capacity to supplement the existing project team and ensure appropriate management control within the project.

The business gained substantially improved predictability leading up to successful completion of the program - reversing an earlier low confidence in management control and quality of reported information.

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved