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Planning & Estimation are foundations for delivery

With sound planning and estimation information understood, decisions can be made with a greater level of confidence in delivery for scope, time, cost, quality, and required resources. 


Sound planning and estimation techniques help project and program managers define and execute projects effectively. With this information understood, decisions can be made with a greater level of confidence in delivery for scope, time, cost, quality, and required resources.  Additionally, with baselines established then the measurement of performance to plan ensures transparency of progress and also provides for future learnings on the initial estimates used thereby contributing to accumulated learning and organisational knowledge.


A major Qld government department’s branch had repeated ‘lessons learned’ reports from independent assurance findings that showed a growing need to improve upfront program and project planning.

The cause of this shortfall was identified as a lack of effective planning of project cost and resource requirements as part of the initial and ongoing stages of a project.  Additionally, there was an ongoing pattern of failure to fulfil program/project business case objectives surfacing as a critical problem. These deficiencies impacted the organisation’s ability to achieve project delivery outcomes to budget, schedule, and quality standards.

The organisation recognised it did not have the capacity to adequately address the problems to improve planning, scheduling, and estimation methods, or elevate the proficiency of the delivery services personnel. They sought a partner to assist with development of a path to better practice and set the cornerstone for achieving success.


myP3’s objective was to develop principles-based Planning and Estimating Method aligned with government policies and preferred best-practice Axelos-based framework.  This needed to include risk-based cost estimations to inform full capital investment, and reference class forecasting.


myP3 initially conducted a Current State Assessment across the organisation’s current planning methods and conducted interviews to understand the various nuances of these applied practices within the current delivery environment.

Based on this information, the Planning and Estimating Method was developed to integrate with Project Delivery Lifecycle Stages.

The Planning & Estimating Method comprised of:

  • Method
    • Principles
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Reference Class Forecasts
  • Planning Rules
  • Process Guides
  • Dependencies Register Template
  • Product Based Planning Template
  • Model Based Planning Workbook Template
  • Schedule Templates (Assurance level based)
  • Reports Specifications

Knowledge transfer relating to the new framework was competed through initial pilots of a selected group of in-flight projects.


The client has a standard approach, rules, guidance and tools for planning and estimating that address information availability at various stages of the program and project lifecycles.

Programs and Projects have clear and consistent understanding for requirements of the quality of estimates, using different planning techniques to address greater accuracy as an initiative progresses.

Enablement for enhanced and new Portfolio dashboards with improved estimates for resources, costs and procurement milestones for projects and programs.

Governance Board confidence that future delivery is founded on sound and appropriately detailed planning and estimation practices.

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved