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Unleash Your Project Delivery Potential

Comprehensive portfolio, program, and project management for seamless delivery of your change investment portfolio. myP3 can operate the delivery machinery for your portfolio allowing your team to focus on successful engagement and management of changes you are seeking to embed. These services take the form of:

  • Delivery management – outsourcing the delivery of initiatives to the myP3 team.
  • Delivery support – leveraging our PMOaaS offering to provide scheduling, maintaining registers, governance secretariat.
  • Team augmentation – deploying expert resources to supplement your existing teams.


Complete end-to-end delivery of your program or project, or just a specific lifecycle delivery stage if required.
Use of our best-practice skilled consultants (either on-site or virtually) to assist your project, program or portfolio
Supplement your in-house resources with temporary project, program and ICT specialist skills.

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Unleash Your Project Delivery Potential

Delivery Management

of your programs and projects.


  • Ensure your project or program is managed effectively with our experienced resources
  • Achieve predictability and results by letting us take charge of delivery
  • Scale to changing demand by accessing our project and program management expertise when required
  • Use either a consumption model or fixed-work packaging for your specific project stages of Initiation, Definition or Execution, or full end-to-end delivery

Project Initiation as a Service 

  • Fast-tracked, repeatable approach that delivers outputs to proceed to the Definition Stage with confidence
  • Clear initiative objectives, outcome maps and benefit profiles.
  • Preliminary schedule is drafted including high- level deliverables, costs, and resources.
  • Options analysis and recommendations may be included as relevant.

Project Definition as a Service

  • Full exploration for detailed planning including development of a final Plan and Business Case.
  • Detailed schedule for baseline creation including all deliverables, costs, and resources.
  • Readiness for governance gate approval to proceed to the Execution Stage.

Execution Stage Management

  • Delivery of Execution Stage whether agile, waterfall or hybrid.
  • Stakeholder engagement, vendor management and rigorous control to keep initiatives on track for time, cost, scope, and quality.
  • Communication management so that all internal, external and project / program teams:
    • Work collaboratively,
    • Understand interdependencies,
    • Progress is reported accurately, and
    • Milestones achieved.
  • Management of risks and issues, escalations and timely governance decisions.
  • Detailed planning and execution for transition and change management.
  • implementation and support for the business post-cutover.

Project Closure as a Service

  • Transition to operations, support and business areas.
  • Capture of Lessons Learned from key stakeholders.
  • Preparation of a Closure Report.
  • Confirm that information is documented and archived for future reference.
  • Post Implementation review to assess benefit realisation and maximise return on investments.

Program and Project Recovery

  • Evaluation of current state of variances against approved project or program baselines and the root cause of breach.
  • Control is re-implemented / maintained.
  • Stakeholders and teams are well engaged and involved to identify problems that have resulted in poor progress performance, and potential resolutions.
  • Assessment to highlight target areas for resolution and formulation of fresh strategies for recovery intervention.
  • Manage the initiative through to Closure or temporarily act as caretaker until a project or program manager is re-instated.

Delivery Support

of your programs and projects.


  • Build confidence in your governance bodies and stakeholders by providing current and accurate project information.
  • Facilitate informed decision making.
  • Enhance transparency.
  • improve stakeholder communication.
  • Foster improved trust and confidence in the project delivery process.
  • De-risk your project portfolio delivery.
  • Enhance your business resilience and drive overall delivery effectiveness.

Administration Support Services

  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date schedules, records of meetings and registers of decisions, risks, issues, actions, changes, stakeholders, products/deliverables, lessons, and more.

Coordinator Services

  • Facilitation of team workshops (e.g.  risk identification, stakeholder analysis and product/deliverable-based planning and estimating).
  • Maintenance of schedules, budgets / costs, drafting of status reports.
  • Preparation of governance body meeting packs.
  • Performing peer reviews of documentation.

Delivery Support-as-a-Service

  • Fully outsourced model – we manage the full scope of delivery support services for all programs and projects.


  • Fully outsourced PMO model – we manage the full scope of PMO services as a portfolio, program and project management office.

Team Augmentation

of your programs and projects.


  • Source the right resources.
  • Deliver projects efficiently and effectively to achieve your objectives.

Project / Program Skills

  • Provision of experienced and qualified professionals to assist with the planning, management, control, delivery and closure of projects and programs.

PMO Skills

  • PMO augmentation includes project and program controllers, administrators, agile coaches, and more.

Business-Facing Skills

  • Supply business analysts, benefits specialists, change managers, stakeholder and communications resources, trainers, and more.

ICT Specialist Skills

  • Supplement your ICT specialist teams with system analysts, solution architects, security specialists, testers, service desk and support specialists, and more.

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved