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Unleash Your Project Delivery Potential

Enhance your Portfolio, Program, and Project (P3) delivery capabilities by embedding robust P3 practices. myP3 can assist you to improve your delivery through:

  • P3 Consulting – implementing industry-leading methodologies, frameworks, standards, and templates, which are integrated through training and coaching.
  • Assurance – assurance reviews and partnerships, which encompass gated assurance, health check reviews, in-depth assessments, and evaluations of portfolio, program, and project management maturity.
  • Portfolio Investment Office – facilitating the selection of investments for the portfolio, planning portfolio delivery and monitoring the performance of the portfolio on an ongoing basis.
Implement or enhance your P3 management capabilities. With the right PPM tools, templates, processes, frameworks and governance in place, improve your decision making and execution of programs and projects.

Compare and evaluate your project portfolio delivery to industry recognised best practice, with the intent of improving overall project portfolio delivery practices and capability for your organisation.
Facilitate the selection of investments for the portfolio, plan portfolio delivery and monitor the performance of the portfolio on an ongoing basis.

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Unleash Your Project Delivery Potential

P3 Consulting

of your P3 management capabilities


  • Increase quality by promoting best practice with consistent products and services.
  • Improve efficiencies with standardised frameworks and processes.
  • Increase confidence in the planning and delivery of initiatives.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and expertise.
  • Allow for better decision-making.

Centre of Expertise

  • Fit-for-purpose frameworks, methods and practice management.
  • Tools, techniques and template maintenance.
  • Guidance materials and factsheets.

Integrated Framework Advisory

  • Assess overall current state.
  • Strengths and weaknesses in portfolio, program and project management.
  • Future needs of the business.
  • Gap analysis of current state to future state.
  • Improvement roadmap.

Capability Uplift

  • Project, program, and portfolio management frameworks, lifecycles, standards and methods.
  • Templates, fact sheets and guides.
  • Training and coaching upon deployment.
  • Fit-for-purpose frameworks..
  • Continuous improvement framework.

Adhoc Advisory

  • Advice and guidance on any matter related to PMOs and portfolio, program, and project delivery.


to meet industry best practices


  • Decrease the risk profile of your projects, programs and portfolio.
  • Increase delivery confidence for your project portfolio.
  • Increase the focus on continuous learning and capability improvement in your delivery teams.
  • Create opportunities to identify and implement improved delivery practices.

Gated Reviews

  • Reviewing relevant program and project artefacts.
  • Interviewing key team members and stakeholders.

Health Checks

  • Reviewing relevant program and project artefacts.
  • Interviewing key team members and stakeholders.

Deep Dive Reviews

  • Reviewing specific portfolio, program and project artefacts.
  • Root cause analysis of specific issues.
  • Interviewing key team members and stakeholders.

P3 Practice Maturity Assessments

  • ‘Self-assessment’ by the organisation or assisted by myP3 to provide impartiality.
  • ‘External assessment’ by myP3 documenting a detailed assessment across capability, maturity and behaviours.
  • Reviewing specific portfolio, program and project artefacts.
  • Interviewing management and key stakeholders.

Portfolio Investment Office

to derive investment value


  • Select the right projects and programs for the investment budget.
  • Create an optimal mix across initiative types based on forecast resource capacity utilisation and business impacts.
  • See a clear view of the forward investment pipeline, avoiding surprises, and that benefits are tracked through to achievement.
  • Effectively plan and monitor the performance of your portfolio to enable you to derive optimal value from your investment in change.

Investment Portfolio Proposals 

  • Move ideas into investments through creation of annual portfolio investment proposals.
  • Engage with stakeholders to write ideas summaries for the first viability gate check.
  • Prepare for annual investment portfolio selection processes.

Investment Portfolio Selection

  • Choose the ‘right’ initiatives through facilitation of triage, appraisal, and prioritisation.
  • Determine business-as-usual / operational initiatives and bring them into portfolio scope and control, if required.

Portfolio Delivery Planning

  • Develop a Portfolio Delivery Plan identifying all proposed projects, estimated costs, resource requirements, delivery timeframes, target benefits.
  • Strategies to manage all of the above ensures the scope of delivery is clear, and accountability can be assigned.
  • Portfolio sequencing to reduce business impacts, and identify interdependent projects.

Pipeline and Budget Management 

  • Ongoing challenge of portfolio priorities to ensure the portfolio delivers value.
  • Supporting the management of new ideas and initiatives to include (or reject) through good governance.
  • Clear view of your forward investment pipeline and budget without any surprises.
  • Determine if additional demand can be addressed by existing roadmaps or if a change is required.

Monitor Portfolio Performance

  • Monitor and report on your portfolio against metrics that you set.
  • Derive optimal value from the investments.
  • Regular tracking of risks, issues and investment delivery performance to ensure decision makers remain informed of the viability of the investment portfolio.

Portfolio Governance Support

  • Regular, consistent, and controlled executive engagement for portfolio direction.
  • Manage expectations and maintain alignment of the portfolio to the direction of your business.

Portfolio Value & Benefits

  • Identify and track the benefits of individual investments, as well as the entire portfolio.
  • Monitor the investments selected generate value in the business once delivered.

Portfolio Resource Capacity & Demand

  • Identification and balancing of resource demand on a regular basis.
  • Advise on how best to optimise resources capacity and demand.

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved