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Rapid setup of TPMO drives Change Agenda

A significant, multi-year change and compliance agenda needing a Transformation Portfolio Management Office and methodologies in 8-weeks.


A Transformation PMO (TPMO) supports the realisation of the strategic vision of an organisation’s agenda to actuate complex initiatives that align with a business’s strategy.  This differs to a PMO (project / program management office) or EPMO (enterprise-level PMO) in that the C-Suite of executives proactively support a TPMO’s specific mandate to transform the organisation which ensures it has the highest priority.  A TPMO assumes all traditional roles of a PMO, yet also helps facilitate the transformation of the organisation’s culture.  When an organisation is faced with a critical mandate, a rapid response is often required.


Establishment of their Transformation Portfolio Management Office (TPMO) was critical to this financial and insurance services organisation to support and control a significant, multi-year transformational change and compliance agenda.

With reportable compliance audit actions to address deficiencies and a small PMO team, the client identified their need for holistic and sufficiently resourced PMO service to be available within a very short timeframe.  This was underscored by the importance of swiftly implementing uniform practices, tools, and templates across the entire organisation to ensure efficient program mobilisation for multiple projects’ delivery.


myP3 was engaged to establish the Transformation Portfolio Management Office within an 8-week turnaround. Our remit included creation of integrated processes and tools and development of a roadmap for continuous improvements while supporting and augmenting the program team during their transition to an insourced PMO operating state.

It was important for myP3 to accelerate development of the TPMO in close partnership with the existing Portfolio Management Office as it was a requirement to leverage existing PMO capabilities and supplement these to address the gaps that would impact transformational change initiatives.


myP3 initially conducted a Stakeholder Analysis to understand who the interest groups and influencers of the TPMO outcomes were.  We then performed a Current State Assessment referring to their available materials, in-situ PMO service provisions and consulted with key stakeholders across the organisation on application of their practices.  We quickly identified that the focuses were primarily on portfolio and project management with there being limited understanding, guidance, or clarity on management of programs.

Our scope included development of a Program Management Framework that was commensurate with best practice Managing Successful Programs (MSP) supported by a suite of methods and tools.  Delivery products included:

  • Program Management Framework
  • Program Governance
  • Program Management Controls
    • Resource management
    • Financial management
    • Benefits management
    • Change Control
    • Deliverable & Quality management
    • Information management
    • Risk and Issue management
    • Assurance management
    • Knowledge & Learning
  • Work Types Definitions
  • TPMO Services Charter and Target Operational Model.
  • Decision-Making (RAPID) Framework
  • TPMO Role Descriptions
  • Program Management Induction Materials
  • Development of Portfolio, Program and Project schedule
  • Reconfiguration of the existing PPM solution to meet the new delivery model.

Capability uplift in delivery management skills was recommended through formal training for the TPMO team in industry standard Program Management practices, supported with coaching and guidance by myP3. This raised each TPMO team member’s level of awareness and knowledge.

In parallel to the organisational uplift changes, myP3 developed a central SharePoint portal to support the client’s existing personnel and additional planned starters as the programs ramped up to full mobilisation.  This enabled the scope of TPMO service offerings, and the management frameworks, approaches, standards and controls to be understood and accessed by business areas and portfolio, program and projects teams.

myP3’s work continued with ongoing operational assistance for several months to help further embed practices, including provision of temporary skills until these were insourced by the client.  We supplied Program Control and Master Schedule management.


With two key milestones met to both establish and operationalise the newly formed Transformation PMO, the client was able to report significant progress towards compliance requirements to both internal and external stakeholders.

The organisation’s independent assurance provider reviewed the current state of the first transformation initiative being supported by the TPMO and using the new delivery models and indicated that this was more comprehensive than had been seen in other institutions undertaking the same work.

The Transformation PMO was able to ramp up with their onboarding of skilled resources with the assurance that myP3 sustained operations for the interim period.

International best practice Program Management (MSP) was introduced into the business providing a way forward for multi-year transformation initiatives with better project organisation and optimised governance oversight.

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved