PMO Realignment - Portfolio Programme Project - Better Project Outcomes

Realignment and uplift of existing PMO staff capability,  skillsets, processes to support traditional and agile delivery of major projects

Objective: This major government client needed to realign and uplift existing PMO staff capability,  skillsets, processes and technologies to support its transition to mixed traditional and agile delivery of major software development projects.


  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Plan (across 21 stakeholder groups) and multiple engagements to ascertain points of pain and priorities for improved services.
  • Assessment of current state.
  • Development of an initial Problem Statement, Project Approach, Blueprint and PMO Charter defining the target PMO operational design (inclusive of P3 functions for Portfolio, Program and Project services) were established.
  • A Phase 1 Roadmap for Scope, Processes, Organisation (incl. Structure and Learning), Technology and Information / Reports was developed and agreed by Senior Managers.
  • The Change Approach included current skills analysis through self assessment survey and observations to best practice, coaching / mentoring.
  • Business Case for Awareness Training in industry standard PMO / project / program and portfolio high-level practices to generate better awareness of the future responsibilities of the PMO team.
  • The Client’s Learning & Development Team was engaged to develop career pathways within the new PMO structure with the view to stabilize movement outside of PMO and encourage skills and knowledge retention within the PMO organisation framework.


  • The Client had an improved PMO service and strategies to achieve the target state in Phase 2.
  • Upskilled PMO team to a level of industry standard methods awareness and an entry level knowledge of BPMN processes and procedures in order to document processes and make visible.
  • A fully designed new SharePoint ‘source of truth’ for project, programme and portfolio services and practices.
  • A reinvigorated PMO and team members, with positive support from a wide group of stakeholders across the Client’s programmes and projects.
PMO Realignment
2018 to 2019
Brisbane, Qld

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved