We started as a small team…with a big idea!

With combined business experience of over 100 years (in the beginning), we put our heads together to design a new approach to the standard business model in our areas of expertise.

We are specialists from all disciplines within the portfolio, program and project delivery sphere – and that includes a solid understanding of all related touchpoints for successful outcomes, including sourcing the right people for our clients.

The founding principal team of myP3 is: ​

  • Daniel Benns – Partner Consultant, Managing Director
  • Beverley Mathias – Partner Consultant, Manager
  • Moneelta Sharma – Principal Consultant
  • Satoshi Goto – Strategy Advisor

True success is never achieved by a single individual, but through collaboration.  Our specialist team has grown (and continues to grow each year) AND we partner with trusted complementary organisations to enhance the value of our services.

We are privileged to have capable and dedicated people working with and alongside us who share our vision for Trusted Value, Flexible Delivery, and an Outcomes Focus.