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Scalable and innovative PMO services

‘myPMO’ offers Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Office (P3O) services, methods and tools enabling you to take control of your P3 management, delivery and support practices.  We offer our PMO service through one or more of the following:

  • Augmentation by our skilled team
  • Ad-hoc consulting engagements
  • Fully-scalable ‘managed service’ on a monthly fixed fee basis (you can cost this directly to your project budgets if required)

How do we define ‘managed service’?  Quite simply – we take responsibility to ensure your service requirements and outputs are proactively managed and met to a level of quality and timeliness and on a set fee-basis.  This means we deliver ‘as a service’ (or ‘aaS’) but you, as the Client, still retain oversight.

No PMO is fit-for-purpose without sufficient scheduling, resource management, cost management and controls registers toolsets.  We also offer a fully configured Project Online solution and supporting services (POLaaS – Project Online as a Service).

And if you don’t have your own management frameworks, methodologies, life-cycles, standards, and templates then we can supply those too.



Portfolio Triage & Investment Selection

We can help you choose the ‘right’ projects and programmes through facilitating triage, the identification, prioritisation and selection of your annual investment portfolio.  We help determine what to do with those ‘BAU initiatives’ that are possibly flying under the radar.

We will help you plan your portfolio delivery with budgets and resource estimating, ensuring that both are adequate to deliver.  Ensuring that the portfolio is appropriately sequenced so that impacts to your business are reduced is paramount, and interdependent projects are providing each other what they need and at the right time.

We can monitor performance of your portfolio to derive optimal value from your investment in change and that you have identified benefits that are tracked to achievement.

Most importantly, you will have a clear view of your forward investment pipeline and budget to avoid any surprises. Portfolios are rarely fixed long term.  Where new ideas and initiatives present themselves along with way, we will help you introduce (or reject) them through good governance processes.

PMO Support and Capability Uplift

We can operate your PMO for you as-a-Service or can provide you with temporary team augmentation for a fixed period to support a particular programme or project.

We can help to roadmap and support your maturity growth plans through imparting ‘know-how’ and assist you to develop your portfolio, programme and project management teams to improve your capability.  We will help your PMO staff and governance boards become more skilled in oversight, helping them to ensure delivery the ‘right way’.  We do this while maintaining practice processes so that the time needed to up-skill your team doesn’t impede delivery objectives.

We can also arrive with our P3 practices artefacts ‘off the shelf’, if needed.  These include frameworks, life-cycles, standards and templates.  Alternatively, will help refine your own frameworks to be fit-for-purpose and can continuously improve to meet your maturity goals.

Thought leadership, coaching, advice and guidance will be at hand, either in person or virtually, so that your teams are well supported and can ask us questions on pragmatic application of methodologies and techniques.

Gated Reviews, Health Checks & Maturity Assessments

Our team are experienced portfolio, programme and project professionals in addition to being PMO experts.  Therefore, we have well-honed skills to provide independent assurance and reviews across your portfolio, programmes and projects to help you benchmark your teams’ performance and practice use.  These include:

Gated Reviews & Health Checks for your Programmes and Projects and based on internationally accepted standards. We hold the right Gateway Review Team Leader and Team Member credentials to interview, probe the right areas at each respective gate, review the right documentation, and produce a high quality Review Report.

Portfolio, Programme and Project P3M3 Maturity Assessments to help you understand your current positioning on the five-tiered model of maturity based on the ‘Seven Perspectives’ of P3M3, and to help you target a future improved capability and maturity across your practices.  This can be provided for any layer, be it only for your Portfolio Management, Programme Management or Project Management practices, or across all three.  Even if you just want help performing a self-assessment then we can provide that too.

PPM Solution: Project Online as-a-Service (POLaaS)

We can provide your PMO, portfolios, programmes and projects with our pre-configured cloud-based Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that is built on the Microsoft Project Online platform and delivered ‘as a service’. It provides visibility of your entire portfolio of programmes and projects, or if you only require tooling for one major initiative, then we can help.

POLaaS provides you with a ‘single source of truth’ to enable informed decision-making through dashboards and can be made accessible by managers, delivery teams, your PMO and governance board members to collaborate on information, controls and reporting.  Role-based security enables you to control who has permission to see what information.

Two versions are available:

  • Mercury Release (full): a simple to use system for recording and sharing of information on controls, costs, resources, schedules and documentation and is supplemented with Power BI reporting.
  • Juno Release (lite): a reduced version with less features designed for small business and with minimal cost for up to three users.

We are continually evolving POLaaS features with our next major release of ‘Venus’ already in the planning stage.  You may have guessed that the major release after that will be named ‘Earth’.  Subscribers receive updates as part of the service.

We perform minor tailoring to suit your frameworks and delivery life-cycles, risk ratings, terminologies, etc.  We can adjust branding and colours for your preferred use.  And of course…we also provide training, user administration and support.


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myP3 takes the time to understand needs and communicate clearly. Their advice is spot on and their manner is confident but not arrogant - really important when engaging with executives. It is clear that they speak from knowledge and experience.
Local Government

Invaluable Support

Extremely knowledgeable and always professional. myP3 helped us build a fit-for-purpose framework and tailored services to meet our needs. They are adaptable, integrate well with PMOs and business areas and provide invaluable support.

PMO experts

myP3 are PMO experts that I would highly recommend to both organizations looking for rapid mobilization of a new PMO, or to improve and optimize existing services.

Extreme Professionals

An incredible group of extreme professionals. I am constantly astonished at how well myP3 supports us, particularly with the ‘as-a-service’ approach.

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved