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Scalable and innovative PMO services
  • Consulting: general consulting and management advisory services across a range of PMO and delivery related themes, including establishment of high performing PMOs, development of portfolio, programme and project practice and integration with specialist delivery disciplines and corporate frameworks.
  • Practice and Maturity Reviews: independent maturity assessments, project and programme assurance health checks / gated reviews and deep dive assessments, so our clients understand their performance against best practice benchmarks.  Outputs include recommendations, action plans or longer-term maturity improvement goals, to help clients plan to address areas of weakness.
  • Capability Uplift: rapid performance improvement, inclusive of our out-of-the-box industry best practice methodologies, frameworks, standards, and templates, deployed and transitioned through training and coaching.
  • Project Online PPM Solution (POLaaS): our pre-configured, world-class standard tooling and supporting services.  Built from our wealth of pragmatic experience and tailored to clients’ specific practice needs.
  • PMO Managed Service: a fully outsourced PMO model, enabling our clients to focus on strategy and operational priorities, while we manage the full scope of PMO services as a portfolio, programme and project management office (P3O) and Centre of Expertise.



PMO Management Consulting to help our clients with the implementation of a new, or build on existing, PMO and services, in order to develop optimal performance in support of organisational portfolios, programmes, and projects.
In definition of the PMO, we develop appropriate modelling to fit the organisation and functions for requirements such as ‘centre of expertise’, portfolio office, programme and project support offices, ensuring that a charter exists and the operating model is well understood by PMO stakeholders.

Integrated Frameworks Advisory We assess our clients’ overall current state and pain points through broad workshop engagement with key business stakeholders, provide outcomes mapping+ and help define the short and longer-term objectives for development of integrated processes. Considerations are the ‘touchpoints’ of delivery teams and PMO, that include other specialist frameworks and corporate functions such as strategy, performance, IT, asset management, finance, HR and so on.

General Consultancy Providing our clients with advice and guidance on any matter related to PMOs and portfolio, programme, and project delivery.  Our team’s skills and experience coverage mean that we have the right person with knowledge to consult on topics at hand.

PMO Staffing Assistance Providing our clients with assistance in the recruitment/placement of experienced PMO temporary or permanent resources for their own in-house teams, including the comprehensive testing of knowledge and skills.

Practice & Maturity Reviews

Gated Assurance and Health Check Reviews leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in delivery practice in addition to our PMO expertise, we provide assurance and delivery confidence assessments to governance bodies for programmes, and projects against internationally accepted best practice standard benchmarks.  Our reports have gained an excellent reputation as being ‘second-to-none’ as they are injected with a good level of pragmatism for the environment and nature of the delivery initiative(s). Inclusions are a series of observations, recommendations, and action plans to help clients understand how to address areas of concern.

Deep Dive Reviews are like the above yet are provided for a particular aspect of practice as an in-depth analysis of root causes and to provide recommended solutions. Normally we provide these for the management perspectives of organisational governance, management control, benefits management, risk management, stakeholder management, financial management, or resource management.

P3M3 Maturity Assessments / Self Assessments as an Axelos-approved P3M3 Assessor to help clients understand their current positioning on the five-tiers of maturity based on the Axelos Best Practice P3M3® Maturity Model.  Any or all of portfolio, programme or project can be nominated for assessment along with the option of deeper diagnostic analysis across threads.  The Assessment Report and its diagrammatic outputs across seven perspectives helps clients understand areas of weakness and to target a future improved maturity across practices.

Capability Uplift

Practice Maturity Improvement based on an agreed uplift roadmap, which we also develop, to drive our clients’ improvement growth plans for PMO, portfolio, programme and project management teams and practice capability. This includes thought leadership and imparting of knowledge through coaching and guidance while assisting delivery governance boards become more skilled in oversight and supporting management and delivery teams to execute initiatives the ‘right way’.

P3 Practice Artefacts built on our own methodologies and available ‘off the shelf’, as required to rapid implement standardisation and performance improvement. These include project, programme, and portfolio management frameworks, lifecycles, standards, methods, templates, fact sheets and guides.  Upon deployment we provide training and coaching.  Alternatively, we help refine our clients’ own frameworks to be fit-for-purpose and implement a continuous improve framework to refine them as maturity improves.

Specialist Practice Artefacts built on internationally recognised frameworks; these are provided to our clients who need standardisation for ICT specialist frameworks and integration with corporate frameworks that work readily with their project management frameworks. These include specialist themes of:
Business and Requirements Analysis
Solution Architecture
Finance, Contracts and Procurement
Organisational Change Management
Data Cleansing and Migration
Test and Defect Management
Service Transition Management

Our Managed
Services Offerings

PPM Solution: Project Online as-a-Service (POLaaS)

Microsoft Project Online platform our ‘POLaaS Mercury’ release pre-configured PPM tooling for capture and reporting of portfolio, programme and project information. Clients can choose whether the instance is in their tenancy or ours. It provides visibility of a multiple portfolios of programmes and projects, or if a client only requires tooling for one major initiative, then we provide this as well.

POLaaS provides a ‘single source of truth’ to enable informed decision-making through dashboards and can be made accessible for managers, delivery teams, PMO and governance board members to collaborate on information, controls, and reporting. Role-based security enables management of who has permission to see what information.

As part of configuration, we perform minor tailoring to suit clients’ frameworks, delivery lifecycles, risk ratings, terminologies, etc. We also adjust branding and colour schemes for client-preferred use. And of course, we also provide training, user administration and technical support.

We are continually evolving POLaaS features with our next major release of ‘POLaaS Venus’ already in development. Subscribers on our tenancy receive updates as part of our service.


PMO Managed Service (PMOaaS)

Fully operating our clients PMO’s in a true ‘as a service’ model. This differs from our Delivery Support Services.  In PMOaaS, we take full accountability for the functions, resourcing, and performance of the PMO and its services.

As part of the service, we maintain the P3O practices, perform new starter inductions to management and delivery teams, provide training, coaching, and knowledge transfer on frameworks, methods, and tools.  This enables our clients to focus on their strategic goals and operational priorities while we ensure practice is maintained and enabled, and delivery is monitored and reported appropriately to governance boards across the portfolio, its programmes, and projects.

PMOaaS is delivered under an agreed services model and SLA based on client requirements. We can also provide billing for projects and programmes consuming the services for the purpose of cost recovery if required by the client.


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myP3 takes the time to understand needs and communicate clearly. Their advice is spot on and their manner is confident but not arrogant - really important when engaging with executives. It is clear that they speak from knowledge and experience.
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Extremely knowledgeable and always professional. myP3 helped us build a fit-for-purpose framework and tailored services to meet our needs. They are adaptable, integrate well with PMOs and business areas and provide invaluable support.

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myP3 are PMO experts that I would highly recommend to both organizations looking for rapid mobilization of a new PMO, or to improve and optimize existing services.

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An incredible group of extreme professionals. I am constantly astonished at how well myP3 supports us, particularly with the ‘as-a-service’ approach.

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved