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Flexible and outcomes-focused delivery services

‘myProject’ services enable you to reduce the need for ongoing in-house management and deilvery resources.  Our programme and project managers can begin from helping to move your portfolio initiatives into startup stage, and we can also manage right through to closure.

Under a consumption model, management of the programme or project is overseen and directed by you.  This differs to our fixed-price model, where we take more oversight and accountability for the outputs and delivery timeframe.

Fixed-price staging provides you with greater confidence of time and cost – noting that quality is never compromised.  We offer this for pre-start-up to develop the Initiative Proposal, and the Project Initiation stage to perform high level planning and develop the Project Brief.  Our scope, across any or all stages, is negotiable for the life-cycle of pre-start-up, initiation, definition, execution and closure.

We can also supplement your programme and project coordination / support requirements thereby freeing up the management lead to focus on critical tasks.

Through our partnerships we can deliver technical solutions, and through our ‘myPeople’ services we can explore the candidate market for temporary skilled specialist personnel to execute project work packages. So, if your project needs Architects, Business Analysts, Change Managers, Testers, and more, then we can help.


Management and

Project or Programme Management

You can rely on our in-house project and programme management expertise.   Our team members are qualified and competent in both traditional and agile delivery approaches and bring forth many years of experience in a range of industries and delivery solutions.

We offer outsourced delivery under either a consumption basis or fixed-work packaging basis.  Our successful flat-fee offerings include:

  • Pre-Start-up Management with the output being the Initiative Proposal that captures the high-level project ‘knowns’ for its first viability gate check.
  • Initiation Stage Management where outputs provide just enough analysis to give confidence to decision-makers that the programme / project should undergo Definition Stage before full execution commences.

At Definition Stage we manage the full exploration of the project requirements and perform detailed planning before Execution stage.  Quality outputs always include a Business Case and detailed Project Plan.  It is at this gate that we can trigger an agile or traditional approach to the executable delivery of the project.  We can also articulate information to inform your procurement process to engage the market for solution partnering.

As a standards and practice-based services business, you can be assured that myP3’s consultants apply strong management and control to keep your programme and project on-track to execution and closure and to agreed quality acceptance criteria.

If required, we can also market-source temporary or permanent project and programme managers for your initiatives through our myPeople services.

Project or Programme Support & Coordination

Keeping track of everything that transpires and that needs appropriate registers and controls record-keeping can be challenging for busy project and programme managers.  Our Project Coordinators can ensure records of meetings, decisions, risks / issues and actions updates and external dependencies (to name just a few) are maintained in registers and logs so that project teams and stakeholders are not left guessing.  Our approach to record-keeping is founded on its importance for communications, for providing good evidence of control, and that underpinning information for documents and reports are credible and evidence-based.

Coordinator functions include facilitation of team workshops (e.g. risks identification, stakeholder analysis and deliverable planning), establishing and monitoring information repositories, maintaining schedules, budgets / costs, drafting status reports, and performing peer reviews of documentation.

Additionally, our Coordinators can monitor adherence with your processes, frameworks, standards, and methods so that newly onboarded contractors to the programme or project are not induced to use their own toolkit of templates.    We understand that consistency of practice is paramount to practice maturity.

Our Project and Programme Coordinators can support your governance boards by preparing meeting packs, presentations and documenting the meeting minutes.  More importantly, following up on actions as they near their due dates.

If required, we can also market-source temporary or permanent project and programme coordinators for your initiatives through our myPeople services.

Delivery Specialists and Frameworks

Predominantly ICT focused, we have access to a range of specialist expertise to deliver project work packages through our partners, connections and myPeople recruitment team.  Many specialists have worked jointly with us to deliver ICT projects and solutions.

For the projects we manage, we can plan and build a project team of specialists aligned to scheduled requirements for your specific project, onboarding and offboarding as required for each project stage. We can also source personnel to help supplement operational team members when they are seconded to project activities.

In early project stages we can help with a Business Analyst, and Solution Architect.  Going to market, you may need supplementary Procurement Support.  Planning for managing impacts and adoption then we can supply a Business Change Lead or Communications Specialist.

As the project progresses, we can help with Software Developers, Network Designers, Testers, Trainers, Content Developers, to name a few.

In collaboration with our myPMO service, we can assist your implementation of Specialist Frameworks, standards, and templates, based on internationally recognised standards and tailored to suit your needs:

  • Business and Requirements Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Finance, Contracts and Procurement
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Data Cleansing and Migration
  • Test and Defect Management
  • Service Transition Management

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myP3 takes the time to understand needs and communicate clearly. Their advice is spot on and their manner is confident but not arrogant - really important when engaging with executives. It is clear that they speak from knowledge and experience.
Local Government

Invaluable Support

Extremely knowledgeable and always professional. myP3 helped us build a fit-for-purpose framework and tailored services to meet our needs. They are adaptable, integrate well with PMOs and business areas and provide invaluable support.

PMO experts

myP3 are PMO experts that I would highly recommend to both organizations looking for rapid mobilization of a new PMO, or to improve and optimize existing services.

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An incredible group of extreme professionals. I am constantly astonished at how well myP3 supports us, particularly with the ‘as-a-service’ approach.

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved