Flexible and outcomes-focused delivery

myProject provides outsourced project delivery responsibility as a fixed-price or consumption-based service allowing you to reduce the need for ongoing in-house project delivery teams.  Our scope can begin from helping you to move those ideas into investments, and can continue right through to delivery and closure.  Our scope across any or all stages is fully negotiable.

  • Initiative Proposal
    We can help you document your organisation’s ideas and prepare them for their first viability (or reality) check.  Engaging with the idea originator, we develop a solid and succinct Investment Proposal, in plain English, to present for governance gate review and a decision on whether to progress towards project initiation.   Usually only requiring a day or two – and as many pages – this is a perfect way to fast-track identification of your potential investment portfolio; eliminating those ideas that are not strategically aligned or are not timely to consider going forward to Project Initiation stage.


  • Project Initiation
    Providing ‘just enough’ financial, schedule, scope  and organisational strategy alignment / benefit analysis to  give further confidence to decision-makers that this project should undergo a full definition stage.  If unable to provide this evidence, then why invest?  A Preliminary Business Case is the output of this activity for governance gate review.  We help to ensure you don’t invest too much at each step of the way – just in case the project is deemed non-viable on that journey.


  • Project Definition
    If the initiative has passed the earlier stage gates then we can help you fully explore all aspects of the project in detail and create a fully costed Business Case and Project Plan.  Outputs will include a fully detailed project schedule, resource plan, costs / spend plan, procurement considerations, equipment needs, deliverables list, stakeholder management requirements and established project controls – to name a few.  Upon completion of project definition stage and subsequent governance approval by your organisation then your project is ready to execute.


  • Project Execution & Closure
    myProject can supply a multi-disciplinary and cohesive team to deliver on the commitments agreed in the Project Plan and Business Case – taking responsibility for full management and control of the project and its outputs while working closely with your organisation’s established Project Board for leadership and direction on the business aspects.  We work with your operational processes and people in a seamless way to deliver outcomes that will enable your achievement of short and long-term benefits. We also make sure that there are no loose-ends and you receive an organised handover and formal project closure.

We use internationally recognised…