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Resources to drive your business results

‘myPeople’ provides services to meet your talent and skills requirements primarily for management roles, operations, projects or programmes resourcing.

We believe that building sound relationships, providing excellent service, moderating our charging models, and our overall commitment to ‘make it happen’, all go hand-in-hand with providing value that is perceived well beyond the commercial measure. 

We can fulfill your Permanent and Temporary placement needs, driving business results with exceptional talent sourcing through our professionalism and proven expertise. We match your requirements to the best candidates available.  Our methodology is proven as a comprehensive and consistent winning approach using a diverse number of avenues to penetrate the market and source ‘difficult to find’ skills.

We can also facilitate a comprehensive range of Pre-Employment Screens, Profiling and Skills Assessments for potential placements, or (as applicable) for your existing individuals and teams and to help you understand credentials, characteristics, skills competencies and gaps.  Designed to be informative, not scrutinising, these services produce independent data analytics to help inform your hiring decisions, education and training plans.   



Permanent and Temporary Placements

We recognise that your organistion’s ability to acquire and retain personnel of the right calibre, skills and qualifications are critical.  We also acknowledge that recruitment servicing is a highly competitive landscape.  Therefore, we strive to differentiate ourselves by consistently selecting and recommending resources that have the right skill-sets, qualifications, cultural fit and work ethics to meet your specific requirements.   

We are also known for our ability to find you the ‘hard-to-find’ human capital.  Traditional sources of recruitment can prove ineffective, and we avoid the adoption of the ‘transactional model’ that pervades our industry.  We are very consultative and focus on building a long-term relationship with you and our candidate pool through an uncompromising dedication to delivery of positive outcomes. 

Committed to success, we focus on speed of response to your request and on promoting your role to the pool of qualified candidates.  We endeavour to acknowledge your request within 30-90 minutes, and within 4 business hours have a clear briefing on the role and requirements. 

Our recruitment methodology is summarised as:

  • Briefing with you, to understand the placement opportunity, prepare a recruitment strategy and understand key dates.
  • Sourcing where we search our extensive national database and leverage key known potential candidates, advertising if necessary
  • Presentation post screening and as per your needs, we will present you with the right people on our short-list for your consideration
  • Review will include seeking your feedback regarding shortlisted candidates’ suitability and arrange for your interviews
  • Offer further extensive screening is available before we managed the process to negotiate an offer for your role
  • Support to confirm commencement and that onboarding/induction requirements are met, confirm administration, and again later to gauge your satisfaction

Ongoing Relationship Management & Administration

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is ongoing communication and support.  This is especially true for clients and temporary placements during the life of the contract engagement. We believe that the greatest impact to any procurer of an external resource is the replacement cost.  And similarly, for the placed candidate, an unexpected change to work arrangements can have a high personal and financial impact.


When you engage with us as a Client, then you can be assured that we want to work with you as an ongoing concern.     We will be at hand to provide advice and guidance on current trends, candidate market conditions, rates, and the latest legislative changes as and when we are updated.  We will also provide you with reports and statistical information if requested.

We also endeavour to simplify administration for you by updating our systems for your particular onboarding and induction requirements, and aligning our timesheets approval processes and invoices to your particular needs.

We will attend contract management reviews with you to validate that we are consistently achieving a high standard of service and address any of your concerns as opportunities for improvement.


We are committed to finding you, as a Candidate, the right organisational match to complement your professional aspirations, experience, skills, qualifications and employment conditions.  We recognise that you are also an integral part of the equation for success.

You can expect us to  be monitoring opportunities for you, and guiding you through each step for when the right role presents.  Upon successful placement, we will remain in touch regularly (No, not just at renewal time!), providing you with client feedback, and helping with any adjustments necessary.

Screening, Profiling &
Skills Assessments

Providing you with further recruitment confidence, and to help inform your organisational HR processes, we are engaged with recognised and specialist partners to supplement our service offerings.


If you seek more than evidence of Identify, Right to Work, and Reference Checks, then we can help you.  With access to a wide range of additional checks we can provide you with indicators for the additional assurance that your organisation requires before making a commitment.  These include Medical checks, Finance checks, Qualification checks, Workers and Trade Licensing checks.

Our service can also include Candidate Profiling.  General profiling or focused areas are available, such as; Cognitive Assessments, Customer Service focus, Leadership Style, Professional Development focus, Target Selection focus, Team Dynamics focus, Retention Profile focus.


Skills Assessment solutions enable you to recruit superior candidates and evaluate the impact of training and education programmes through software-based assessment.  We subscribe to a suite of powerful and comprehensive tests for measuring knowledge of  candidates and employees, providing a higher level of assurance of current proficiency.

Our Skills Assessments can help inform processes for Recruitment, Skill gap analysis, Project staffing, Skill searching, Individual career planning, Group training and Prescriptive Learning.

Offering both standard and customisable assessments, these are designed to produce a detailed reports that include necessary knowledge, understanding, practical experience, work speed, and strengths and weaknesses within a range of disciplines.

We can test for knowledge of ICT components, software, services, and cloud products, general management, administration, accounting, projects / programmes / portfolio disciplines just to name a few.  There are hundreds available.


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myP3 takes the time to understand needs and communicate clearly. Their advice is spot on and their manner is confident but not arrogant - really important when engaging with executives. It is clear that they speak from knowledge and experience.
Local Government

Invaluable Support

Extremely knowledgeable and always professional. myP3 helped us build a fit-for-purpose framework and tailored services to meet our needs. They are adaptable, integrate well with PMOs and business areas and provide invaluable support.

PMO experts

myP3 are PMO experts that I would highly recommend to both organizations looking for rapid mobilization of a new PMO, or to improve and optimize existing services.

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An incredible group of extreme professionals. I am constantly astonished at how well myP3 supports us, particularly with the ‘as-a-service’ approach.

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved