Our Journey

myP3 is a Brisbane based, Australian company founded in mid-2015 by like-minded professionals. We recognised a real market need for more scalable, flexible, and value-adding delivery and support models for project, program and portfolio services.

  • Why Scalable?

Because PMOs need to grow and reduce in size with the change in annual investment budget and number of projects planned.  No longer do staff redundancies apply or methodologies reinvented when ramping up again.

  • Why Flexible?

Because maturity levels vary between organisations – some needing more planning, guidance, delivery, monitoring and control than others; and some having established frameworks, and others needing to start from scratch – in which case we supply our own best-practice aligned methodologies and tools.

  • Why Value Adding?

Because the right expertise and skills come at a high cost when needed as full-time equivalent staff.  We provide the skills you need when you need them under a service guarantee.   The option of virtual support (rather than on-site) will reduce costs even further.

Since its inception, myP3 has doubled its team size each year by increasing its response to customers’ demand and remodelling its offerings accordingly.  Our client-focused journey has ‘reshaped us’ and will continue to do so for as long as we keep listening.


  • myP3 registered as a Company
  • Consolidated our business ‘idea’ into a services model
  • First client won for Portfolio Assessment and Prioritisation fixed piece of work
  • A highly reputable and established first client in Manufacturing Industry


  • First client Managed Service PMO (continues today) – and who remains near and dear to us
  • First client to source our management and delivery of ICT projects and programs
  • Expanded our client-base inclusive of Qld Local Government Council
  • Doubled our team size


  • First client IP-aaS (Idea Proposals as a Service) under a fixed price and time-boxed model for multiples of these
  • First client PI-aaS (Project Initiation as a Service) under a fixed price and time-boxed model in collaboration with a reputable partner organisation for industry specialty
  • Expanded our client-base inclusive of a key Oil & Gas client
  • Doubled our team size


  • Developed and launched Project Online (POL) a cloud-based toolset for simple tracking for project and portfolio control records and business intelligence-based reporting
  • First client to use our PMO services offerings outside of the scope of ICT portfolio projects
  • Procured data and onboarded expertise to launch ‘myPeople’ – our labour hire and recruitment service
  • Restructured myP3 into its three service divisions; ‘myPMO’, ‘myProject’ and ‘myPeople’
  • Expanded our client-base inclusive of a Tier 1 Consultancy delivering to Australian Federal Government, Qld Government, Local Government and private sector
  • Doubled our team size


  • Partnering agreements with Tier 1, 2 and 3 consultancy organisations leveraging our PMO expertise for respective clients
  • myPeople expansion beyond planned expectations
  • Acceptance into NSW Government Panel pre-qualifications schemes
  • Panel partner LocalBuy
  • Panel partner Digital Marketplace
  • Project recovery service engagement with Queensland private education provider
  • …and still growing


We are proud to be delivering services to clients in public and private sector, and across industries including manufacturing, consulting, oil & gas, and services.

So where are we heading?  Our mission is ongoing…


 “To be the # 1 trusted and flexible delivery partner, providing exceptional value and helping organisations derive greater portfolio outcomes through focused people and successful projects.”