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Flexible and outcomes-focused delivery
  • Portfolio Delivery: reducing the need for full time in-house resources as we help move ideas into investments through creation of annual portfolio investment proposals and support organisational governance through prioritisation and selection and monitor delivery performance.
  • Program and Project Management and Recovery: planning, delivery, and orderly closure of clients’ initiatives across a range of technology infrastructure and business applications solutions providing trust, predictability, and results through strong management discipline across the seven management perspectives.
  • Outsourced Project Stages: fixed-price or consumption-based services for clients’ specific project stages of Startup, Initiation, Execution or Closure.  Our scope, across any or multiple stages, is fully negotiable – we commit to delivery of agreed outputs to the planned delivery milestones and at the price quoted.
  • Delivery Support and Coordination: dedicated program and project office support and coordination, based on agreed activities and on a fixed price per month consumption model.  Providing pro-active day-to-day maintenance of registers, scheduling, status reports, governance secretariat, facilitation of workshops, to name a few; enabling program and project managers to focus on engagement while the mechanics of controlled information is maintained seamlessly.
  • Management and Specialist Discipline Resources: meeting the rise of demand in temporary placements for our clients’ project, program and operations teams from temporary initiative managers, change managers, business analysts, architects, testers, trainers, support specialists, agile coaches, etc. Our comprehensive checks and skills assessments verify the candidates under consideration for clients.

Management and
Control of Delivery

Portfolio Delivery

Investment Proposals development through engagement with our clients’ business stakeholders to write ideas summaries of initiative ‘knowns’ and with meaningful high-level initial information for portfolio inclusion consideration at the first viability gate check.  In preparation for annual investment portfolio selection processes, we have developed multiples of these ‘in bulk’ for clients, ensuring that overall consistency of content granularity and quality is maintained across each.

Annual Investment Portfolio Selection is a service to help our clients choose the ‘right’ projects and programs through facilitation of triage and prioritisation. We also help to determine BAU initiatives that are possibly flying under the radar and how to bring them into portfolio scope, if required.

Portfolio Delivery Planning service with budgets and resource estimating, ensuring that both are adequate to deliver. We also ensure that the portfolio is appropriately sequenced so that business impacts are reduced, and interdependent projects are providing each other what they need and at the right time.

Pipeline and Budget Management as portfolios are rarely fixed over the long term.  When new ideas and initiatives present themselves along with way, we help clients introduce (or reject) them through good governance processes. Most importantly, clients have a clear view of their forward investment pipeline and budget to avoid any surprises.

Portfolio Performance Monitoring of portfolios against metrics so that clients derive optimal value from the investment in change and the identified benefits are tracked to achievement.

Program and Project Management and Recovery

Our clients rely on our in-house program and project management expertise. Our team members are competent in both traditional and agile delivery approaches to projects and bring many years’ experience in a range of industries and delivered solutions.

We offer outsourced delivery under either a consumption model or fixed-work packaging of specific stages.

Outsourced Stage Delivery (flat fee offerings)
include Initiation Stage Management, Definition Stage Management and Closure Stage Management:

  • Initiation Stage Management where outputs provide just enough analysis to give confidence to decision-makers that the program / project should undergo Definition Stage.
  • Definition Stage Management where we manage full exploration for detailed planning including a final Plan and Business Case for agile or traditional delivery.
  • Closure Stage Management where we ensure orderly closure follows successful transition to operations, support and business areas. Lessons are captured from key stakeholders for the project / program closure report and project information is archived for future reference.

Execution Stage Management
including application of strong stakeholder engagement, vendor management and rigorous control to keep initiatives on track or to rescue and recover from earlier tolerance breaches.

Delivery Support Services

A popular service for our clients is the provision of program and project support and coordination for agreed monthly services and priced on consumption against a monthly fixed fee.  True to our principles of scalable and flexible services, this can alter according to demand month by month.

Records and Controls Support
Keeping track of everything that transpires and that needs appropriate control and record-keeping can be challenging for our clients’ project and program managers who are often managing multiple initiatives. Our project support services ensure records of meetings, and registers of decisions, risks, issues, actions, deliverables as well as schedules are maintained in an up-to-date status so that information underpinning highlight and status / progress reports is justified and defendable.  In turn this provides governance bodies and stakeholders a high level of confidence in the currency and accuracy of information reported.

Coordinator Services
involve a higher level of service through facilitation of team workshops (e.g.  risks identification, stakeholder analysis and product/deliverable based planning), establishing and monitoring information repositories, maintaining schedules, budgets / costs, drafting status reports, preparing governance body meeting packs and performing peer reviews of documentation. Coordinator functions also monitor adherence with our clients’ processes, frameworks, standards, methods, and tools so that new independent contractors are not tempted to deviate from our clients’ standards and bring their own practice toolkit into action.


Management and Specialist Discipline Resources

Project Managers and ICT Specialist Sourcing Service offered for our clients who are seeking additional temporary capacity and/or skills to deliver their programs and projects.  With our understanding of the client environment, culture, and expectations we source the right resources through our partners, network connections, or through direct advertising and recruitment from the contractor marketplace.

Our placement services successfully include project and program managers, PMO staff, architects, business analysts, systems analysts, ITIL service and support resources, change practitioners, testers, etc.  To support preferred candidate selection, we perform checks including references, right to work, criminal history and skills testing in the field of expertise required.

As a registered labour hire provided and RCSA member, we are accredited with provision of this service to our Queensland-based clients.


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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved