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Our commitment to our customers, staff and partnerships is at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to genuinely listen, understand and meet needs is a key differentiator and a critical success factor for our business.

We are:
We continually transform to drive forward with new ideas, innovation, thought leadership and ways of working. We identify and embrace obstacles with optimism so we can better understand them to rise to the challenge of creating solutions.
We really enjoy our work and the way in which we help our customers to solve problems and we enter commitments that are seen through to completion.
We are honest, ethical, unambiguous, and genuine when interacting with our colleagues, clients, partners, and suppliers as this builds mutual trust. We communicate openly and our actions are consistent with our words.
We collaborate with and respect all individuals, recognising the importance of equality, human relationships, diversity, and the safety and wellbeing of everyone we employ and with whom we engage.
We make and support business decisions through good judgement, and ownership of outcomes. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, behaviours, and performance. We strive to deliver a high level of quality that meets, if not exceeds, expectations at all times.


We are committed to demonstrate how we, as a Company, take wider action on our social policies to benefit the community. Currently myP3 donates monthly to support the following

A not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities.

A national book industry charity dedicated to lifting literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities, so all children across Australia have the same choices and opportunities.

Assistance to victims of human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices, including forced marriage and forced labour. Administered by the Dept. of Social Services and delivered nationally by the Australian Red Cross.

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved