Projects Assurance - Portfolio Programme Project - Better Project Outcomes

Independent reviews of multiple (3) projects to evaluate overall performance with objectives and project management adherence to standards, providing an overall delivery confidence assessment.

Assurance Health Checks

Objective: In compliance with government standards, our client sought performance assessments and recommendations for multiple ‘level 1’ projects within a program of work in each of their respective stages of the governance lifecycle.


  • Kickoff meeting with Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) to agree stakeholders, process, timeframe, expectations, and key areas of concern to probe.
  • Review of Project Assurance Plans for each project.
  • Review of multiple projects artefacts (over 70) related to governance, reporting, controls, and deliverables.
  • Individual interviews with multiple stakeholders
  • Collation of evidence for findings against the seven perspectives:
    • Organisational Governance
    • Management Control
    • Benefits Management
    • Risk Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Finance Management
    • Resource Management
  • Walkthrough with SRO the draft General Health Check Report and release of Final Report addressing all three projects and comprising of:
    • Observations and Findings
    • Recommendations (prioritised as Critical, Essential and Suggested Improvements)
    • Delivery Confidence rating for each Project and across each Perspective
    • Suggested Response / Action Plan (value-add).


  • The customer SRO accepted the draft General Health Check Report with recommendations without any amendments.
  • Value-added information was well received by both the customer and the overseeing assurance unit.
  • The customer and project management teams received independent, evidence-based and pragmatic advisory towards addressing each area of weakness.
  • myP3 received commendation from both the SRO and the overseeing assurance unit for the organisation that the report was of extremely high quality and fit for purpose.
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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved