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Recovery and delivery for an off-track project implementing knowledge management, publishing and collaboration technologies

Objective: The client required recovery for an off-track project implementing knowledge management, publishing and collaboration technologies to support the emerging modern workplace affecting educational and non-educational staff.


As a recovery project, myP3 needed to first establish good relations and credibility with invested stakeholders across the business including senior management, an external vendor and subject matter experts. This was achieved by highlighting the merits of outputs achieved on the project, while highlighting the areas that we were engaged to assist with.

MyP3 undertook an extensive top-down evaluation of the business to:

  • Derive key strategic drivers for digital transformation relating to content publishing and collaboration.
  • Assess existing publishing, content and collaboration practices and portals including points of pain in finding and searching for information across a diverse group of stakeholders and functions.
  • Develop aggregate user ‘personas’ to drive the corporate publishing approach inclusive of usability for minority groups of varying formats.
  • Recommend and establish fundamental information management principles to guide project outcomes.
  • Recommend concept for and design an overarching information architecture to be applied to corporate publishing, including definition of information domains, corporate taxonomies and content type schemes.
  • Develop content display standards suitable for the user requirements.
  • Recommend and develop an information governance framework for corporate publishing and collaboration which was accepted.

The effort was conducted iteratively working with wide stakeholder groups to ensure outputs and change requirements were adequately socialised internally.


  • The project was recovered and delivered.
  • The Client is able to organise and approach information management, publishing and collaboration utilising current technologies.
  • The Client has an approved governance framework, principles, architecture, standards for formats, content types and taxonomies for corporate publishing and collaboration.
Project Recovery
Toowoomba, Qld

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved