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We are
Our Team

True success is never achieved by a single individual, but through the collaborative thinking and behaviours of a like-minded group.

A strategic priority for myP3 is to attract excellent staff, and retain them for the long term. We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes applicants from minority groups that are under-represented in our industry.

That's why our team members are carefully selected - we want to attract talent who can share our vision, honour our values, fit with our culture, and can work the way we like to work.

In return, we commit to every employee an incredible place to work that is flexible, progressive, innovative and respects and rewards both team and individual contribution to our mutual success.

What we
Stand for

Our commitment to our customers, staff and partnerships is at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to genuinely listen, understand and meet needs is a key differentiator and a critical success factor for our business.
We are honest, ethical, and genuine. We communicate openly and our actions
are consistent with our words.
We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving because we really enjoy our work and the way in which we help our customers to solve problems.
In working collaboratively with our colleagues, customers and partners as one team with shared goals, we believe we can achieve great things.
What we do, we do well. We aim to exceed expectations.
We respect all individuals, recognising the importance of diversity, and value their contributions in all engagements.
We make and support business decisions through good judgement, and ownership of outcomes.
We are open and unambiguous when interacting with our colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers as this builds mutual trust.
We aim for the safety and wellbeing of all persons in our team and those of
whom we engage and work with.

A few words from
Team Members

Part of a Family

Each individual is valued and myP3 makes employees feel like a part of the family. Feeling appreciated makes you want to go the extra mile. That is the main reason I would recommend myP3 as an employer of choice

Head and Shoulders Above Other Companies

myP3 has always stood head and shoulders above other companies I’ve worked for in terms of the flexibility of WFH (client site when needed), transparency about where the company is and what is happening with the company.


The Company gives us the opportunity to be part of the decision-making process which is quite rare.

Enjoy the Culture

There is a ‘Team Spirit’ which is displayed by all employees, both at peer level and at management level. Everyone is treated respectfully and professionally, and I enjoy the culture!

Count on Your Colleagues

Everyone has a fair share of work to do, and we all help each other. At myP3, everyone is a talent and you can always count on your colleagues if you need extra help!

Work That is Meaningful

The company does what it can to offer us work that is meaningful, utilizes our skills and to provide the opportunities for promotion and career development.

Communications from Management

I appreciate the weekly communications from management which help us see what is happening and all the news – openness is something I deeply appreciate.

Progressive Values

Progressive values. Commitment to excellence and professionalism. Team spirit and comradery.

Knowledge Gain

The amount of knowledge I have gained since I first started has been huge.

Would you like
to join us?

We regularly seek passionate people who want to be part of a cohesive, service-oriented team that is committed to provide outstanding value to our clients.
Work Life Balance
We offer flexible work days and hours to meet your non-work commitments.
Creative environment
We embrace ideas and innovation from our people.
Positive Culture
Our team thrives on shared values, belief systems, and positive attitudes - creating great team morale.
Stimulating Assignments
We engage in a challenging mix of internal projects and client-facing consultancy work.
Flexible WFH / Virtual Office
We are organised to work virtually as well as on-site.
Great Clients
We work with interesting people in diverse industries and sectors.
Career Development
Our staff annual ‘360 Feedback Review’ process enables opportunities to advance your career to your aspirations.
Employee Ownership
Our employees are provided opportunities to take an ownership stake in myP3.

Our Team

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Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2020 myP3 | All rights reserved